Install TeamViewer on CentoS:

Requirements and setup

To set up headless for TeamViewer, you’ll need:

  • a Teamviewer account
  • your kernel has to be configured to use a framebuffer.
  • you also need to be root to configure TeamViewer headless support.

TeamViewer 12 

Download last version of Teamviewer:



yum install teamviewer.i686.rpm


teamviewer setup

Finally, you should now be able to setup teamviewer:

Welcome to TeamViewer configuration 

blah blah blah

Accept Licence Agreement? (y/n)


Please enter your email/username: (enter your Teamviewer account email)

Please enter your password: (enter your Teamviewer account password)

Please check your inbox for the mail we sent you and follow the provided link.
We could not verify if your account has been used on this device before. To sign
in on this device you need to add it to your trusted devices.

Check your email and click the links to allow this machine.

Repeat entering username and password.

Adding this machine as '' to the group 'My Computers' of
your account My Name (NAME). Do you want to continue? (y/n) [n]  y

*** You have successfully added this computer to your Computers & Contacts. You
can now access it with a simple double click in your Computers & Contacts list.